With over 45 years’ in the industry, you can have confidence in our ability to design, manufacture and deliver your next project. We are passionate about helping customers find the best solution for their project and offer solutions appropriate for all applications. We pride ourselves on manufacturing great quality and aesthetically pleasing products that are easy to install and built to last. We take the same care on all orders, large and small, to ensure they are delivered on-time and meet expectations.

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Our history


Signco Ltd, was formed in 1973 by Jack Dawes and Dr. Humphrey Chamberlain to take on the, then, market leader in Peg Letterboards and Planning Systems, Movitex Ltd. Signco became the market leaders for Peg Letterboards and Planning Systems in less than 15 years. Both these founding families retain their interest and involvement in the business covering the last 47 years.


Signscape Systems was incorporated in 1973 as a signage fitter.


In the late 1980’s, Signco Ltd became the manufacture of both aluminium and wood framed noticeboards for ACCO office equipment, which were supplied through their international distribution network.


Exterior noticeboards were initially added to the product portfolio to provide exterior solutions to display Peg Letterboards. The contemporary Scroll noticeboard range, a Design Award finalist in 1989, broadened the scope of Signco’s noticeboard range. These additions accommodated a variety of inserts, including fabric and cork pinboards, dry-wipe whiteboards and custom options.


Over the years, users of our Scroll noticeboard range included Royal Mail and major cinema chains Odeon and VUE.


In 1992 Signco acquired the STAX-i & STAX-X Modular Wayfinding Sign Systems from Esselte-Letraset. They continued to supply the overseas Esselte-Letraset regional offices, as well as the UK trade distribution, through Signco’s subsidiary Stax Sign Systems Ltd.


In the 90’s Signco Ltd supplied and installed changeable and general signs in the first international multiplex cinema. This took place in Leipzig, East Germany following the fall of the Berlin wall, after which we supplied UCI’s first cinema in Japan in 1997.


In 2000, Signco Ltd hived up its subsidiary Stax Sign Systems Ltd to form Signconex Ltd. This provided a single point of contact for the businesses broader range of trade sign products.


In 2004 Signconex was awarded the ‘poster case rebranding project’ by the Warner Cinemas in the UK, following their acquisition of the newly formed VUE cinemas.


In 2005 Signconex Ltd acquired stock and tooling for the Variatex changeable letter systems from Grafityp in Belgium. This further complemented Signconex’s own felt groove letterboard products, popular with the hospitality marketplace.


In 2011 Signconex Ltd merged with Signscape Systems Ltd and moved its production and operations from Bury Greater Manchester to Upper Langford Bristol.


In 2014 Signconex Ltd and Signscape Systems Ltd completed the merge of their operations and became Signscape and Signconex Ltd.


Signscape and Signconex Limited is taken under new leadership through appointment of Spencer West as Managing Director.