Like most community buildings, your church requires signs indicating where you are, directions around your facilities and what to do in an emergency; it is a key concern.

Without clear signage displayed around your church you are potentially causing confusion to your wider community. Your attention to signage shows your thoughtfulness and accountability in taking care of your visitors and members.

It is often believed that people will find their way around without any discernible directional signage, but with signage you can make the experience pleasant and unobstructive. Whether your space is being re-opened, renovated or created, your signage should be a key planning aspect.

Signage helps your visitors in so many ways – from guiding your regular congregants, to assisting someone looking for an activity space or providing necessary guidance in case of an emergency.

There are easy steps you can take to improve your directional signage. Create a role play scenario with new members or visitors, ask them to locate certain areas and rooms within your establishment. They should track their movements from the time they approach the church, walk up to and enter your building, to finding rooms i.e., the restrooms, offices, kitchen and meeting rooms. With the current signs you have this approach should assist in solving directional issues and gaps.

When having your signage created keep in mind its purpose – to be clear, simple to read and identifiable. Also consider the areas from a visitor’s perspective and determine at which points they would need direction to make a decision i.e., split hallways, large open areas, staircases, etc. Your signage should provide them quick and easy direction. Consider each area full of people, how has your signage been displayed in a crowd, is it visible?

How can the church highlight its vision and mission, consider displaying this at congregating points? Are there key mantra’s you would like to display to create a specific environment? Is the history of the church shared at a focal point? What initiatives would you like to share with your community?

Directional signage is more than displaying arrows… it is a key factor of your church’s space. It shows your community that you understand its importance and that you want their experience to be enjoyable.

Many churches continue to ensure their facilities are well signed to ensure they grow their congregation and are inviting to their local communities. It is a great way for the church to share its upcoming events and the key calendar dates.

While churches are not profitable organisation’s and need to keep expenditure to a minimal there is a diverse range of signage available to ensure all your requirements are met.

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