New Eco-Vision Solar Powered Displays are a range of illuminated noticeboards, monoliths and wayfinding signage by UK manufacturer Signscape and Signconex Limited.

This range has been specifically designed to offer stand-alone units that can present information day or night, without the need for any other light source.

Powered entirely by normal daylight conditions, Eco-Vision displays are an ideal solution for remote and highly urban locations, where routing a mains power supply is undesirable, impractical, or highly expensive. 

All solar components are fully integrated within the unit and the intelligent On-Demand lighting system ensures there is always sufficient energy to illuminate, in virtually any location.

Eco-friendly by default, these displays are also more cost-effective than installing mains powered units in many scenarios. This is a result of eliminating the expensive groundwork associated with routing power cables. Eco-Vision displays also have the added benefit of zero running costs.

Ideal locations for solar powered noticeboards and signage include town and city centres, parks, private and public estates, cycle paths, coastal paths, university campuses, sites of historical importance and remote entrances i.e. golf courses or hotels.

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