Solar Display Systems

Imagine a world where you could present information in virtually any location, with 24-hour visibility and zero running costs.

Now with the Eco-Vision Solar Display Systems you can. Eco-Vision products use the latest in solar cell technology to provide off-grid illumination within noticeboards, poster cases, wayfinding displays and corporate signage.

Lead time

Made to order in 15-25 working days. Call us if you need it sooner.

Eco-Vision Solar Display Systems

Eco-Vision Mechanics

Eco-Vision has been designed to provide an eco-friendly and long term cost effective solution. Where information displays need 24-hour visibility but where routing mains power is undesirable, impractical or highly expensive.

The noticeboard is fabricated from our Lynester range, our premium noticeboard, with the inclusion of solar powered, LED illumination. Integrated LEDs provide top or back-lit illumination, using the intelligent on-demand lighting system. Illumination is triggered by low levels of ambient light or movement detection within a 3 metre arc. The illumination remains on for 3 minutes after the last movement is detected within the arc.

Eco-Vision operates on a safe, low voltage power supply using highly efficient LEDs to illuminate the entire display area. Eco-Vision solar powered illuminated displays are virtually maintenance free. Eco-Vision’s solar panel draws in UV energy during standard daylight conditions, delivering it to the internal battery units for storage.

Once dusk arrives the illumination is triggered upon detection of a person within a 3m radius. As a renewable energy solution, Eco-Vision products support the environment helping to fight the battle on climate change. The eco-friendly nature of this system adds to brand credibility and climate change ethos. Integrating a sound module into your Eco-Vision solar powered display means you instantly make it accessible for the visually impaired.

Positioning it at the correct height will facilitate access to wheelchair users as well. Sound modules allow reinforcement of key information through pre-recorded speech, music and jingles. Other benefits include being able to present your information in multiple languages, provide spoken directions for finding the next area or attraction and communicate a greater quantity of information than can usually be displayed.

Each sound module is custom built, to suit its location, with the choice of single or multiple button units, and the option of multiple tracks per button. A revolution for remote or highly urban locations, Eco-Vision is available in 7 standard sizes for wall or post mounting.

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Key Features

  • Integrated LEDs provide 24-hour visibility
  • Install in rural or remote locations
  • Easy and low-cost installation
  • 95mm depth
  • Hi-impact 4mm acrylic glazing
  • Backlit or standard header options
  • Solar panel integrated within noticeboard housing
  • 50,000 hours use
  • Integrated audio recordings
  • Highly robust aluminium profiles
  • Weather and vandal resistant
  • Integrated weather shield
  • Smooth continuous hinges
  • Premium gas struts
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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Eco-Vision solar panel need to be in direct sunlight?

No. The solar panel will charge up in standard daylight conditions including cloudy days. However, there is a difference in efficiency; south facing is the most efficient and north facing is the least efficient. Eco-Vision has been tested over several years to ensure that it works in the full scope of UK weather conditions.

Has Eco-Vision been tested outside the UK?

Yes, its been installed in New Zealand and Australia with great satisfaction.

Will the Eco-Vision solar panel charge up when in shade?

Yes. The solar panel will still charge up in shaded positions but will be less efficient. It is therefore recommended that Eco-Vision displays are installed in positions that have the least amount of shade.

Will there always be sufficient power to illuminate my display?

Providing it is installed in a non-shady area and in normal foot fall conditions, i.e. the illumination is not constantly active, the on-demand system will ensure that there is always sufficient power to illuminate during dusk and at night.

Can I have a bespoke Eco-Vision display?

Yes. Eco-Vision technology has the ability to be incorporated into bespoke housings to create unique solar powered displays.

Can I have constant low-level or full illumination during dusk and at night?

This depends on the specification of your Eco-Vision display and the location/position you wish to install it in. With detailed information on your location we can advise on whether or not this is possible.

Can Eco-Vision displays incorporate a digital screen?

The system does not currently support this functionality. It does however have the ability to store and playback pre-recorded audio. Contact us to find out more about integrating audio.

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Ideal Locations

  • Town centres
  • Parks
  • Private and public estates
  • Cycle and coastal paths
  • Golf and hotel driveways
  • Remote car parks
  • Train station platforms
  • Busy high streets
  • Pedestrianised areas
  • Listed buildings
  • University campuses
  • Sites of historic importance
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Product Options


  • Lynester noticeboard system
  • Wall and post mounted
  • Post options include D-shape, round or square
  • Single, double or triple door versions
  • Fabric covered pin board or magnetic display panels

Back-Lit Internal Headers

Stencil Cut Plate

Laser cut metal plate, attached to exterior of the glass door. Letters and some logo symbols can be cut out to allow light through. An opaque plastic diffuser is inserted for visual comfort. Powder coated to match the frame colour.

Stencil Cut Vinyl

Light can penetrate through the letters and some logo symbols. Created using opaque vinyl, light is blocked by solid colour vinyl. The vinyl graphic is attached to the diffuser, behind the glass door, benefiting from the added weather protection the glass provides. Cost effective option. Ideal for high contrast lettering and background colours. Perfect choice where solid text on opaque backgrounds is desired.

Digital Print

A full opaque graphic which shows the text and the surrounding space with light penetrating through. The vinyl graphic is attached to the diffuser, behind the glass door, benefiting from the added weather protection the glass provides. Ideal where the background colour of the header is as important to advertise as the text on the display.

External Header Panels

  • Arc
  • Arc blended
  • Centre radiused

Finial and Embellishment options

Monolith Noticeboards

  • Lynester noticeboard system
  • Combine an integrated solar panel and a lockable display area
  • Floor to top, double-sided aluminium housing
  • Perfect for larger environments
  • Ideal for main entrance or building signs

Wayfinding Totems

  • Designed for directing users around a specific location
  • Able to be narrow and tall or short and wide
  • They lend themselves to presenting information in public locations
  • Ideal for both highly urban and remote areas
  • Back-lit displays – present maps and directories
  • Stencil cut signs – ideal for corporate and wayfinding signage
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