heritage Fingerpost

Our Heritage Fingerpost system is well suited to outdoor and rural locations.

The system uses a traditional socket design, the Heritage Fingerpost offers a wide range of configurations. Choose from chevron, bull-nosed or square-ended finger arms, in widths of 600-900mm.

Unlike cheaper rivals, our Fingerpost offers a strong, robust construction, provided by its 16mm thick arms and sturdy sockets. It also offers a premium look with shaped end caps seamlessly finishing off the chevron and bull-nosed arms.

The Heritage Fingerpost range includes mounting brackets for fixing to walls or square posts. For round posts, there are post collars, embellishments and ball, filled ring, open ring and pagoda finials and an optional diamond finial available for the 100mm square post.

Key features

  • Premium traditional design
  • Robust sockets and finger arms
  • 1, 2 or 3-way sockets per level
  • Rotate finger arms to any direction
  • Easily add or subtract arms once installed
  • Chevron, bull-nosed and square finger arms
  • 120-300mm arm heights
  • Round post or brackets for wall/square posts
  • Wide range of finials and embellishments

Lead time

Made to order in 15-20 working days. Call us if you need it sooner.