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Our team has the skills and pedigree to deliver bespoke lettering in a variety of styles to suit your requirements and budget, utilising a number of different finishes and materials.

Our lettering can be supplied in aluminium, acrylic, or composite board as flat cut, built up (3D) or LED block letters.

As lettering is a complex signage product with varying factors such as font type, depth, optional illumination and the added consideration of a detailed install, whatever your project, we’ll have a product to match your needs.

Lead time

Usually made to order in 1-2 weeks. Call us if you need it sooner.

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Technical Specifications

Key Styles

Lettering comes in either flat cut or built up (3D) letters, and LED block lettering which is a hybrid of the two.

Flat Cut Lettering is exactly as it sounds, where lettering is cut out of a sheet of material. These are great for wall mounting and ideal for a modest budget. They can also be added to a Totem or Folded Tray for added depth and dimension. Suitable for internal and external uses. They are typically made at a height of 0.5mm-2m and the thickness is recommended at 10% of the chosen height.

Built Up Lettering is quite an art and are more often than not hand formed. Built up letters offer striking displays of 3D letters, with tailored features, coming with or without illumination. They have become an industry standard and a customer favourite. Great for representing your business logo on a shopfront.

A relatively newcomer to the lettering world is LED block. LED Block Lettering is a combination of flat cut and built up lettering made from opal acrylic, offering a slimline premium look for 3D illuminated custom sign letters which makes your brand appear as sleek and prestigious as possible, producing stunning edge-to-edge illumination.

Fixing Methods are as varied as the letters themselves. Depending upon the positioning, you may just fix them directly to the wall or fit them onto a folded aluminium tray which in turn you fix to the wall, enhancing the overall look of your lettering and making it stand out.

There is also the option to fix them standing off the wall or tray using spacers which gives the illusion of the letters floating.

Couple the last method with halo illumination and you have a visually stunning sign, especially when viewed at night.

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You can manufacture lettering in pretty much any material, though some are better suited than others.

Stainless Steel is the most popular given its resilience to the elements and general clean appearance, even after years of exposure to all manner of conditions. There are three available finishes namely brushed, mirror or powder coated. You could decide to take the humble stainless steel letter to a whole new dimension by using a specialist finish, such as titanium, patterned, bead-blasted and more.

Acrylic has been used in letter making for years and still remains popular, adorning the walls and facades of many prominent brands along the high street. This material is available in a vast number of colours and finishes, some premium products have the ability to change from black to white when illuminated from the rear.

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) is available in many colours including brushed silver, to emulate the appearance of stainless steel.

Foamex can be cut from many different thicknesses, 3mm-20mm, should you be looking for a budget friendly letter with some real depth. As with ACM, Foamex is available in a range of different colours and can be painted to allow for exterior use.

The above highlight some of the preferred lettering materials, more options include brass, copper, bronze and many more.

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