stax-i internal wayfinding

Stax-i is an internal modular sign system packed with features and caters to more modest budgets.

Popular with local authorities and public sector venues, the Stax-i modular sign system can produce a wide range of sign solutions. Stax-i signage sits flush against the wall without a shadow gap and an industry standard profile depth of 12mm.

Stax-i has two end cap options; black plastic caps or continuous metal end caps. The end caps not only conceal the panel edges but also provide a professional finish. Continuous end caps also provide a more rigid construction and the ability to lock the panels.

Available in wall mounted, projecting and suspended format, the Stax-i range offers satin silver, polished silver and polished gold finishes. Stax-i’s strength is it’s ability to deliver full wayfinding schemes, at a competitive price, with a prestigious finish.

Key features

  • Panel locking available with metal end caps
  • Gold and silver for prestigious finishes
  • Highly rigid construction
  • Easily add or subtract panels once installed
  • Create a full internal wayfinding scheme
  • 25-150mm panel heights
  • 12mm profile depth
  • Plastic or continuous metal end cap options
  • Panel and paper insert facility
  • Braille and tactile compatible

Lead time

Made to order in 15-20 working days. Call us if you need it sooner.