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Make your message stand out with our stylish and practical peg letterboards

If your clients are looking for a low-cost, customisable signage solution that is quick and easy to update, then look no further than our peg letterboards.

Made from durable black PVC perforated panels, these letter boards use plug-in characters to produce changeable menu, pricing and information boards. An assorted 692 character set is included, with characters available in four different sizes: 13, 19, 32, and 51mm. Yellow and red sets are available for 19mm characters. We also offer currency and social media kits, which can be used to showcase your client’s online profiles.

From advertising specials and promotions, to welcoming guests to their business, to old-fashioned menus and bar tariffs, our letterboards are the perfect choice for any customer and any occasion.

Peg Board Features

Versatile Design

Our peg letterboards come in a range of sizes, colours, and finishes to suit any setting or occasion. Choose from classic black or white frames or make a bold statement with our range of bright and colourful options.

Easy to Use

With a user-friendly design that allows your customers to change their message in seconds, our peg letterboards are perfect for businesses, events, and more. Simply slide the letters onto the pegs to create a message, then slide them off to change it up.

Durable Construction

Made from high-quality materials, our peg letterboards are built to last. With a sturdy frame and durable pegs, these letterboards can withstand daily use and will look great for years to come.

Customisable Options

Whether your client needs a letterboard for a one-time event or for long-term use, we offer a range of customisable options to suit their needs. From custom graphics and logos to unique sizes and finishes, we can help you create a letterboard for your client that truly stands out.

Affordable Pricing

Our Econ Peg Letterboards are competitively priced, making them a great value for businesses of all sizes.

Worldwide Shipping

Our signs are proudly made in the UK, but we can ship our peg letterboards directly to you or your client, no matter where you are located. With worldwide shipping options available, it's easier than ever to get the signage solutions you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question about our letterboards and how they can help you and your business? Take a look at some of our common questions and their answers for more information.  

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What is a peg letter board?

Peg letterboard signs are display signs that have holes or slots where you can insert plastic or metal letters to create custom messages. They are often used for menu boards, announcements, inspirational quotes, or decorations.

How do I change the letters on a peg letterboard sign?

To change the letters on a peg letterboard sign, you need to remove the old letters by pulling them out of the holes or slots. Then, you can insert the new letters by pushing them into the holes or slots. Make sure to align the letters properly and use a ruler or a template if needed.

What sizes are available for peg letterboard signs?

Our peg letterboard signs come in a range of sizes, from small tabletop signs to large wall-mounted displays. Contact us today to discuss your client's needs and find the perfect size for any business.

Can I customize my peg letterboard sign with a business logo or branding?

Absolutely! We offer a range of customisable options for our peg letterboard signs, including the ability to add your client's custom graphics, logos, and branding to the sign. Contact us today to learn more.

Can I buy replacement letters for my peg letterboard sign?

Yes, we offer replacement letters for our peg letterboard signs. Simply contact us to order the letters you need, and we'll get them shipped to you right away.

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I would like to express my thanks to your team for the efficient and speedy progression from order to delivery. I value suppliers who make my job less stressful and give me the excellent service that i have received.

Carl Jones

It is so lovely to find a company who are really professional and help you with your order.

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I would like to thank you and the rest of the team at Signscape for the wonderfully quick delivery of my new whiteboard. It arrived yesterday morning. Thank you so much.

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Many thanks for the initial delivery of Timetable frames.

Professionally packaged, high quality products to the specification desired.

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