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A grand and embellished method of signage, suitable for rural sites

Perfectly suited for outdoor and rural locations, Heritage Fingerposts earn their name by being an elegant and respected wayfinding sign solution. Unlike cheaper or more basic alternatives, they boast a design that is traditional yet premium to point people in multiple different directions and get them where they need to be going without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Shaped end caps seamlessly finish off the chevron and bull-nosed arms of every heritage fingerpost we install, tying in neatly to the natural beauty of the surrounding location in which they sit. It might surprise you to learn that, despite their inherent authenticity, heritage fingerposts retain the flexibility and customisation options found in other sign solutions.

Heritage Fingerpost Features

Robust socket system to support multiple arms

Our heritage fingerpost signage solutions come in a wide range of durable configurations, able to support multiple fingers that can even rotate and remain horizontal (without drooping) thanks to a robust socket system.

Various styles of finger arms

Your customers can choose from chevron, bull-nosed or square-ended finger arms, in widths of 600-to-900mm, depending on the type of classical look desired.

Also ideal for wall-mounting

As well as standing proudly using a 100mm aluminium square pole, heritage fingerposts can also be seamlessly fitted to a wall using brackets. The premium look is always retained regardless.

A sign style ripe for embellishment

Whether opting for a heritage fingerpost using a square or round pole, both styles offer unique embellishment options. This range can range from collars, balls, filled rings, open rings and pagoda finials and diamond finials.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s a specific question you have regarding heritage fingerpost signs from Signscape and Signconex, have a glance at our dedicated FAQ section.

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Do heritage fingerposts require a lot of maintenance?

No. Because most heritage fingerposts are situated in outdoor or rural locations, they come engineered in low-maintenance aluminium to resist the harshest of elements. We can also make bespoke fingerposts in any material needed - contact us for more information.

Do heritage fingerposts need approval in conservation areas?

Our heritage fingerposts are designed in such a way that they are perfectly in keeping with heritage sites and conservation areas. Your clients can choose from a range of traditional lettering styles to mimic classic street furniture - even when customised, our heritage fingerposts retain their traditional look.

How easy is it to add or change fingers and directions?

With one, two or three-way sockets per level (depending on your need), it’s almost effortless to add or remove arms as needed once installed.

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