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A visually strong and cost-effective way to display information

By far one of the most popular wayfinding solutions in the United Kingdom, post and panel displays excel at communicating information and directional advice to anyone who glances upon them easily. We’re proud to offer them in a range of heights and widths, making them ideal for use as entrance monoliths, car park signs, street name plates and more.

Signscape and Signconex post and panel signs are entirely modular too, meaning they can be changed easily as and when needed thanks to their unique front-loading multi-post construction. Whether comprised of a single panel and two posts or multiple panels that are fully interchangeable, post and panel signs fabricated and installed by us act as a visually strong way to communicate wayfinding.

Post and Panel Sign Features

Fully modular as needed

As well as being quick and easy to install, our post and panel system offers added versatility. Fully modular, these panels can be swapped out and changed whenever required.

Choice of finials and embellishments

Does your client want a post and panel sign that looks unique or ties in with a specific environment? Our generous range of finials and embellishments helps achieve any desired aesthetic.

Robust and stylish aluminium

Aluminium is the preferred material to use for post and panel wayfinding signs because of its inherent strength. Our signs can be made from a range of different materials that will stand the test of time.

Double-sided for multiple messages

All our post and panel signs come provided as double-sided displays as standard, so your customers can communicate twice as much important information with ease.

Customisable shapes and panel heights

Panel heights generally range between 100mm and 300mm but can be customised further, while posts can be engineered in either 80mm square or D-shape or 90mm round styles.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s a specific question you have regarding post and panel wayfinding sign options from Signscape and Signconex, have a glance at our dedicated FAQ section.

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What is a post and panel sign?

A post and panel sign consists of posts installed into the ground, which hold panels displaying information. The modular design allows for customisation in terms of the number of posts and panels used. These signs are highly weather-resistant, easy to install, and can even be wall-mounted if needed.

How long does it take for post and panel displays to be installed?

Most post and panel signs can be installed in a couple of hours when brought to site, and even this is during extreme cases. They are incredibly quick and easy to install.

Are post and panel signs easy to customise?

Yes. Thanks to the built-in modular system, once installed our post and panel signs have been designed in a way that it is easy to swap out the preferred number of posts and panels as needed. The information, logos, and graphics displayed can all be custom-designed to suit your client's needs too.

Is there a limit on how many panels can be included?

We stock panel sizes ranging between 100mm and 300mm as standard but can engineer custom panel heights depending on your specific circumstances. It’s easy to add and subtract panels once the sign is installed, and there is generally no limit to how many can be accommodated.

Can post and panel signs be wall mounted?

Absolutely. All our signs are engineered to be 20mm deep, which makes them suitable for wall mounting in either an indoor or outdoor setting. Infill is fitted to the panels which allow them to slot into round, square, or D-shape posts, or side tracks when wall-mounted.

How much maintenance is required with post and panel signs?

Once installed, our post and panel directional signs require a very minimal amount of maintenance because they are of a superb quality. The aluminium material is highly weather resistant and won’t deteriorate in harsh rainfall or heavy heat.

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