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Directional information on how to reach multiple locations from a single sign

A waypoint fingerpost sign is one of the most effective directional sign solutions available. Offering an all-in-one wayfinding solution, these signs can display directions to multiple destinations from a single sign, making navigating large sites, venues, or complexes a breeze. Being a strong, flexible, and highly robust design, they’re a staple for street furniture in UK parks, heritage sites and busy city centres in the UK too.

These directional signs perfectly balance elegance and minimalism, comprised of a sleek metal pole with multiple fingers at the top pointing in many different locations. They will never stand out as an eyesore and will always make clear to people which direction they should be going.

Waypoint Fingerpost Features

Ideal for bustling locations

Comprised of a 100mm diameter pole and several 20mm finger arms, our waypoint fingerposts have a robust design and are clear to see even in busy city centres.

A prestigious appearance that saves space

Waypoint fingerposts don’t take up as much space as totems and traditional post and panel signs and are able to be fitted almost anywhere without compromising their sleek aesthetic.

Fully customisable arms

The rigid horizontal alignment of each finger arm assures that none of the panels ever droop, and the sign system’s modular aluminium design makes adding and subtracting each of them a breeze.

The concealed system prevents unsightliness

All the necessary joints and sockets for waypoint fingerposts are concealed neatly within the aluminium system, successfully retaining the premium look.

Multiple arm mounting positions

A total of eight mounting positions can be utilised within a single waypoint fingerpost, depending on the desired height. Each arm can point in any direction, too.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s a specific question you have regarding wayfinding fingerpost signs from Signscape and Signconex, have a glance at our dedicated FAQ section.

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How much maintenance do waypoint fingerposts require?

Not a lot. Engineered in highly weather-resistant and strong aluminium, our waypoint fingerposts don’t require much looking after. They even offer enhanced rigidity and vandal resistance when compared to other cheaper alternatives.

Are the arms ever at risk of drooping or falling off?

No. The socket design offers rigid horizontal alignment to make any drooping simply impossible, even in rare cases when all eight mounting positions are used per level.

What heights are each finger available in?

Waypoint fingerpost arms can be engineered in any size ranging between 100mm-300mm.

Is it easy to change the direction of each panel as needed?

Very easy. The socket design allows for panel adjustment per level once installed, which proves highly valuable whenever you need to change or add directions.

Can waypoint fingerposts be blown over by the wind?

No. The aluminium construction combined with a solid base installation makes it almost impossible for any waypoint fingerpost to fall or be blown over – even during rapid winds.

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