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Standing tall and proud, totem signs always communicate a clear message

Whether used as a method of wayfinding or intended to stand proudly as a site entrance display, totem signage is a bold way to communicate your client’s intended message and provide useful information. It’s a popular choice for such prestigious venues as hotels or music halls, and these signs are available in a range of sizes that includes full-scale and miniaturised. They offer a signage solution that is equally fantastic for brand awareness too, with the option to include your customer’s company branding – such as logos, graphics, and artwork – in a stylish design.

Totems make a statement of elegance, giving the appearance of one solid sign piece that works well either free-standing or supported by posts. Just like their post and panel cousins, however, totems are designed to be modular but can equally be constructed using several one-piece pre-cut metal panels depending on the intended effect and purpose.

Totem Sign Features

A curved-faced, elegant look

These outdoor signs are ideal for prestigious venues and sites of sophistication. Our totem signage boasts a curved-faced for maximum visual impact that exudes elegance without compromising messaging.

Available as a kit or fully assembled

To offer our trade customers full flexibility, our infocurve totems can be provided either in kit form or fully assembled. Either way, they’re relatively quick to install.

Double-sided as standard

Depending on the setting and intended messages, all our totem signage comes with the ability to communicate a message on either side of the front and back surface.

User-friendly with interchangeable panels

When not engineered using single-piece pre-cut metal, totems are just as customisable as our post and panel outdoor signage systems thanks to a similar modular design.

A generous range of widths

Despite almost always standing tall and proud, our totems offer a generous number of width options ranging from 600mm-2500mm, helping to suit multiple wayfinding scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there’s a specific question you have regarding totem or mini totem wayfinding sign options from Signscape and Signconex, have a glance at our dedicated FAQ section.

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What is a totem display?

A totem sign is a freestanding display that often serves as a wayfinding or directional sign. Totem displays can be used for indoor or outdoor applications and are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Is there a maximum height for totem signage?

The maximum recommended height for our infocurve totem sign installed above ground is five metres.

Why are totems the preferred choice for prestigious venues?

As well as delivering messages effectively, totem signs sport a seamless design. Almost all are free of visible fixings or joints, giving the impression that the sign is free-standing on its own. This is usually a requirement for most prestigious venues and sites.

How can you make a totem sign stand out?

Totem signs engineered by us can be fabricated in almost every colour and embellishment. However, if your client needs a totem sign that will stand out or deliver information at night, internal illumination options are available.

Is the system limited to just totem and monolith signs?

Not at all. Other configurations include wall-mounted directory signs, projecting signs, suspended signs, and free-standing directories.

Are totem signs easy to look after?

Yes. Engineered using inherently strong and weather-resistant aluminium, totem signage constructed by our team withstands all the harsh elements and requires very little maintenance.

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