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  • Trade client working on behalf of Oxford City Council


  • Oxfordshire, UK (multiple sites)

Signscape and Signconex were tasked by a customer working on behalf of Oxford City Council with encouraging visitors to the region to utilise its Park and Ride services, which are situated at five separate site locations. The intention was to reduce the historic city’s traffic by increasing awareness using attractive and appealing infocurve totems.

We quickly got to work with our trade customer and Oxford City Council in the initial design phases, discussing graphics, text choice and a colour scheme for each totem car park sign. Infocurve, an external monolith and totem sign system, was selected as the right solution for each site, intended to proudly stand 4m above ground to catch people’s eyes. This was seen as the perfect sign system because of its high weather resistance and smart modular system, which ended up comprising of three panels that could be swapped out so these car parking signs could display different information as and when needed.

Once the infocurve totem design was agreed upon, our team got to work fabricating all five in a matter of weeks, and installed all five at each site with the help of a Hi-Ab vehicle. Both our trade client and Oxford City Council were very happy with the overall service, believing us to deliver excellent value for money for a project that was delivered on time and within budget. Visitors to Oxford now can’t miss the presence of Park and Ride, and are able to take advantage of the council’s “Park, Shop, Stay” all-in-one family ticket offer.